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Having been brought up in the jewellery industry through the family business, I have lived and breathed jewellery my entire life. I studied the practical side of jewellery making and repairs in my early years and took over the family business with my wife Regina in 1980. 
Over the years I have completed numerous jewellery courses, become a qualified valuer and sourced jewellery from the finest designers and craftsmen from the UK to Hong Kong and Italy to Canada. One of my most memorable experiences was a visit to the gem mines and dealers in Sri Lanka which was fascinating. 
With jewellery being my lifelong passion, and always holding firm the values of running a family owned local business, I continue to run Conroy Couch with my daughter Michelle following Regina passing away in 2019. We strive to create a jewellery shop which truly offers unique pieces, both old and new, along with providing exceptional customer service. Our additional services of repairs, buying in scrap gold and second-hand jewellery and pawnbroking mean that we can help to solve all your jewellery related queries. 
My excellent team at Conroy Couch, under the stewardship of my manager Richard are always here to assist you. 


Like my father David, I grew up in the family business, working for my parents during the holidays from gift wrapping as a teenager to working on the shop floor as a student. Whilst I didn’t move straight into the jewellery trade, I have always enjoyed the beauty of jewellery and attended many trade fairs over the years. 
After finishing university and working as a financial auditor for 12 years, I suddenly found myself launched back into the business following my mother, Regina, passing away in 2019. Whilst my responsibilities lie mainly behind the scenes, I work very closely with David on all elements of the business, ensuring that it stays loyal to our customers and provides exceptional jewellery service to everyone. 


I have been the manager at Conroy Couch for over 10 years now and have over 20 years of experience in the jewellery industry. I previously worked as a manager of a jewellery shop in Cardiff where my role as an insurance replacement specialist helped to build my extensive knowledge around the repairing and replacement of lost and damaged items. I have an in-depth knowledge of gems and vintage jewellery and relish being able to deal with such items on a daily basis at Conroy Couch and to share their beauty and history with our customers. 
As well as my managerial duties, I have a lead role in the pawnbroking element of the business and attend the National Pawnbroking Association AGM every year, as well as other key trade and jewellery events. I assist in advising on stock replenishment with David and head up the buying in of second-hand jewellery within the shop 


I have worked in the retail industry for many years, working with jewellery for around six years. Early on I completed the Jewellery Education Training (JET) Stage 1 and more recently have spent time learning more about the repairs side of the business and attending a Diamond Grading Day. These areas of training, along with my experience on the shop floor, have given me the skills to help anyone find their perfect piece of jewellery to mark any occasion – however big of small. 
Having worked in other retail jewellers, I really appreciate the wide spectrum of jewellery, both old and new which is on offer at Conroy Couch – there really is something for everyone! Furthermore, the range of services we offer means that we rarely have to say no to anything. It is always a delight being able to help our customers and seeing the end results from simple repairs to complex jewellery remodelling. 


I have been working in the jewellery trade for over 13 years, gaining extensive experience through courses such as the Jewellery Education Training (JET) Stage 1 and a Diamond Grading Day as well as from the knowledge that is garnered from working everyday with jewellery. In particular, I am drawn to the antique and second-hand side of the Conroy Couch business and all it entails. My day to day responsibilities include selling, buying, restoring and displaying a variety of unique pieces. I am also heavily involved in the repairs and pawnbroking sides of the business. All of my roles require a special attention to detail at every step. 
Here at Conroy Couch we pride ourselves on giving our time and energy to help our customers, whatever their needs. I find it extremely rewarding when customers return time after time, knowing that they will receive excellent service and be able to find that special piece of jewellery. 


I have over 16 years of experience in the jewellery trade having worked for eight years in the jewellery quarter in Birmingham before moving to Torquay and joining the team at Conroy Couch. My daily duties are varied and as well as selling, include window dressing, taking charge of our showcases displayed in local hotels, taking in repairs, buying in scrap and second-hand jewellery and pawnbroking. 
My favourite element by far of working at Conroy Couch is our customers. Every piece of jewellery tells a story and being a part of the that journey, and passing it onto someone who will treasure it for years to come, is a very special experience. 
My family roots are in Birmingham, but I have found a new family at Conroy Couch both in the people with whom I work and the incredible customers that I have met over the years. 
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